Fans Think They've Discovered Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson's Wedding Date

If you ALREADY thought Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson's relationship was moving lightning fast, buckle up -- because fans think they've discovered their wedding date.
[And if their (very sweet, logical) theory is correct, it's REALLY soon!]

Arianators are convinced that it's all happening August 4, 2018, or 8/4/18. Why?

Because 8418 is the badge number of Pete's late father, a firefighter who died during the September 11 terrorist attacks. [It should be noted that both Pete and Ariana have 8418 tattoos in his honor, and Ariana wears his pendant.] 

When word of their betrothal first got around, sources said the couple planned to "enjoy a very long engagement" -- but in light of all this, we're suddenly having a hard time buying it.


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