Lindsay Lohan Accuses Homeless Family of Child Trafficking, Gets Punched

Lindsay Lohan has confused absolutely everyone yet again, as she just live-streamed herself trying to take two children from their parents to a hotel room. 

Lohan started off by telling Instagram that she had found a family of Syrian refugees that she wanted to help -- and when they refused to get into her car, she accused the parents of trafficking their children and "ruining Arabic culture." 

After the family of four got up to leave, Lindsay followed them shouting, "Don't f*** with Pakistan" and "don't worry boys, I'm with you."

It all came to a crescendo when LiLo tried to grab the two children and take them away, at which point the mother appeared to knock a shocked Lindsay to the ground. 

"I'm like, in shock right now," Lindsay said tearfully after getting up. "I'm just like so scared."

What the hell do you think was going on here?

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