Disney Releases First Trailer for Live-Action 'Kim Possible' Movie

Kim Possible fans are processing a lot of ~*FeELiNgS*~ since Disney released the trailer for the live-action reboot of the beloved animated series. I'll just go ahead and tell you that everyone is pretty unhappy. 

I sincerely hope that none of the actors have read the YouTube comments, because they're pretty brutal. [As of this morning, there are 102,000 dislikes, if that tells you anything.] The general consensus is that the film appears low-budget. [But let's be fair -- a live-action Kim Possible is a pretty tall order, since the animated series came with lots of high tech gadgets, explosions, etc. In a made-for-tv movie, you can't expect Marvel level special effects/sets.] 

You can see the trailer for yourself below.

The Disney Channel Original Movie -- which features newcomer Sadie Stanley in the title role -- is set to premiere February 15th. 


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