Taylor Swift is Dropping Hints About TS7 & The Fan Theories Are WILD

Get ready, Swifties -- because it looks like Taylor Swift is about to release her seventh studio album. [But first, a moment of silence for the iconic era that was reputation.]

What evidence do we have of the imminence of TS7, you ask? Well, the snake queen has been dropping hints via Instagram, where her most recent posts suddenly have a very cohesive, colorful theme. One of them features seven palm trees, which really lit the match that sent fan theories ablaze.

And if you think seven little palm trees are a bit of a stretch, think again. Taylor knows exactly what she's doing. She's famous for hiding clues [in literally everything she does].

Personally, I think the palm trees are a metaphor for her resilience and ability to weather (media) storms. [A lyric from Call It What You Want comes to mind; windows boarded up after the storm, he built a fire just to keep me warm...Even Ready For It refers to finding refuge on an iSLaNd. It's also important to mention that Taylor has been sneaking palm trees into her visuals for quite a while now -- even one of the Taylor's in the LWYMMD video is wearing an outfit covered in them. Plus, that T-Swift is literally using a chainsaw to cut the wings off of an airplane. The palm tree has got to be representative of the moment she decided YOU KNOW WHAT, SCREW THE HATERS, I'M NOT RUNNING AWAY FOREVER, I'M GONNA STAY HERE AND F***ING FIGHT FOR THE CAREER THAT I HAVE EARNED! *takes a deep breath*].

Because of these facts, I believe that TS7 will be about how she not only survived, but came back bigger and better than ever after the biggest controversy of her career. These days she's just a tall, elegant AF palm tree, basking in the sunshine that is love, success and Joe Alwyn. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Keep scrolling to see what theories the most eagle-eyed of Swifties have come up with! From ideas about an official release date, to potentially an entirely new genre of music, they're guaranteed to blow your mind.

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