Taylor Swift Might Have Revealed She's Engaged to Joe Alwyn in ME! Video

Taylor Swift's music video for ME! [featuring Brendon Urie!!!] has broken all kinds of records since it's 4.26 release -- and now fans are convinced that it was Taylor's way of revealing that she's engaged to Joe Alwyn.

"There's a secret in the video I've been keeping for months... Let's see who can guess it," Swift said in a YouTube post. While some thought the reveal could be her new kitty, Benjamin Button, he's so little that it's hard to believe she's been keeping him a secret for actual months. (Right?)

When you pair that with a few ~*iNtErEStiNg*~ stills [THAT SHOW A BIG OL' RANG ON THAT VERY SPECIAL FINGER], it's kind of hard to think this could be about anything but an engagement. Check it out below!