Ansel Elgort Leaves Fans Delighted & Concerned After Instagram Posts

Ansel Elgort has left fans both delighted and concerned after posting a whopping seventeen selfies on Instagram Tuesday night. There are no captions. There is absolutely zero context. Just handsome, shirtless Ansel Elgort.

You won't catch me complaining about it, because hello, he's gorgeous. But is he okay???

Is this an artistic statement about how social-media-obsessed our society has become? Was he drunk? Is this a cry for help or just him really struggling to decide which angle does him the most justice? WHAT IS GOING ON?!

It encourages me that his longtime girlfriend -- a ballerina named Violetta -- has been liking and commenting on the posts in a seemingly lighthearted way. But until then, please enjoy the Internet's commentary on The Ansel Selfie Situation.

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