WTF Happened with Shakira's Tongue During the Halftime Show, Explained

Shakira & J-Lo absolutely killed their performance at Super Bowl 54's Pepsi Halftime Show, with viewers around the world applauding them for their double dose of Latina power.

The 15 minute medley featured pole-dancing from J-Lo, a super-sexy belly dancing routine [with a frickin' rope] from Shakira, and.... whatever the hell that tongue thing was?!

It was the flick that launched ten thousand memes.

But it turns out that this ~*uLuLaTiOn*~ [that the Hips Don't Lie icon has used throughout her entire career] is a traditional Arabic vocal expression of **actual joy** called a "zaghrouta." [Shakira's dad is Lebanese, y'all.]

Shoutout to Twitter for coming through with all the answers.

So go tell your friends, everybody! Because we could all stand to be more culturally educated, amiright?

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