Taylor Swift Pens Sweet Letter to Viral 11-Year-Old Writing to USPS Workers

An 11-year-old girl named Emerson has received nationwide attention this week, after she wrote a beautiful thank-you letter to her local mail carrier, Doug.

The letter and its envelope were decorated by hand, and contained all kinds of sweet anecdotes like jokes ad Taylor Swift lyrics. Emerson isn't allowed to have a phone just yet, so she keeps in touch with her friends via snail mail. Her letter to Doug revealed just how important he is to her, as he helps her communicate with the ones she holds most dear during the coronavirus pandemic.

Well, naturally, postal workers all over the country were touched by her thoughtfulness, and so was her personal hero, Taylor Swift [who literally sees everything. She could be reading this right now, for all we know. Hi, T!].

To absolutely no one's surprise -- except maybe Emerson's -- Swift sent over a handwritten letter of her own to praise the fifth grader for her creativity and kind heart. Read the thread below for all the feels.

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