Viral Video Shows Protesters Throwing Statue of Slave Trader into Harbor

As Black Lives Matter rallies continue to take place around the world, a video of protesters throwing a statue of slave trader Edward Colston into the harbor has gone viral.

Buzzfeed reports:

Colston was part of the England-based Royal African Company. He undoubtedly made money from the slave trade, as the company transported more than 100,000 slaves from West Africa to the Caribbean from 1672 to 1689. More than 20,000 were killed due to unhygienic conditions on the cramped ships and their bodies were thrown overboard.

Apparently people have been trying to get rid of it for years, but as the process has been held up for whatever reason, protesters took matters into their own hands. They worked together to rip it down and roll it half a mile down the street to the water.

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