Michelle Obama Just Dropped the First Episode of Her New Podcast

Former First Lady Michelle Obama just dropped the first episode of her new podcast with Spotify -- and her first guest is none other than her husband, Barack.

In the show's inaugural episode, the couple reflected on how their education impacted their ability to empower their communities.

"I think I figured out once I got to school that if I am chasing after my own success, that somehow, I am going to end up alone and unhappy," 44 said. "And that's why I ended up going into community organizing and the work that I was doing because when I thought about how I want to spend my life, what I looked at was what those civil rights workers had done...And the freedom riders had done. And I thought, you know, that looks like hard work but it never looks like lonely work. That looks like hard and risky work but it never looks like selfish, isolated, meaningless work."

Listen to the full episode by following the link below!