TN Teen Raises $30K For College After Parents Cut Her Off

Allie Dowdle attends a Tennessee private high-school and was more than prepared for college, but is now looking to the Internet to get help.

Allie is claiming her father took her savings and is refusing to pay for her college education if she kept dating a black college student, Michael Swift.  Allie stood up for herself and has continued seeing Michael.

Now looking for other means to pay for her education, she set up a GoFundMe page on January 11th telling her story with the goal of $10,000.  Within the first 24 hours the page had surpassed $10,000.

Over the next few days, she received over $20,000 from supporters around the world. As of yesterday, January 16th, she has totaled $31,920 from 1,290 donors.

At first, she received a large amount of criticism in the comments of her GoFundMe page.  Most of the comments said it was disrespectful to ask others to pay for her education, while others have called her racist. The comments have now been disabled. 

The New York Daily News spoke to Allie's father who denied punishing her due to the fact that she has a black boyfriend. He stated, "It was never about race." But quickly after that he admitted that Michael wasn't an ideal son-in-law because of "issues" associated with interracial relationships in Tennessee. 


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