Flight Attendant Saves Teen Sex Slave After Noticing Tiny Detail

Shelia, a woman from Alabama and flight attendant on Alaska Airlines from Seattle to San Francisco in 2011, traded messages with a sex slave on the aircraft's bathroom mirror to facilitate rescue. 

After recognizing that the young girl around 14 or 15 looked disoriented and with a man who answered for her every time, twice her age and dressed well, Shelia knew something wasn't right. 

Shelia's intuition helped her in guiding the little girl to the bathroom where they exchanged mirror messages. Shelia alerted the pilot who signaled police, leading to the man's arrest and safety for the young girl. 

Well done, Shelia. You are a true hero. 

This is the kind of knowledge that will be passed on to all flight attendants, thanks to a program run by Airline Ambassadors. Started by former flight attendant, Nancy Rivard, they train staff to recognize these situations to help the victim and potentially save a life. 

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