Indoor Drive-In To Open In Nashville

Nashville is constantly growing with hundreds of construction sites popping up by the minute, but this may be one new attraction that you will want to be a part of... an indoor drive-in!

A new venture, a massive indoor replica of a 1960s American drive-in theater will open in Nashville in 2018. 

Called the August Moon Drive-In, the $10 million project will mimic summer nights in the sixties under a 40,000-square-foot dome complete with simulated stars. The seating will be in modified classic cars with comfort-food service like... you guessed it... burgers and milkshakes. 

Yup... we can't breathe. 

August Moon's known for the largest non-IMAX movie screen in North America. They will show a combination of first-run films and classics tricked out with modern technology. The screen will allow LIVE performers to engage the audience before and after the showings. 

Why Nashville you may ask? "Nashville was chosen for the launch in part because it seemed a good fit for the attraction’s classic-Americana vibe. One of Counts’ partners on the project, Vector Management’s Ken Levitan, has deep ties to the city as the co-owner of several restaurants in the area and the co-founder of the Nashville Wine and Food Festival."

Read more about this new attraction on Variety!

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