Internet Mourns Guy Who Got Friend-Zoned So Hard

The dating world is a very cruel place in the modern world. If you're one of the few lucky enough to get a date, you'll either get ghosted, bread-crumbed or even worse... FRIEND ZONED.

And this poor dude on the internet had that dreaded last thing happen to him. He took a potential-suitor out on a super romantic date. Or so her Instagram says. He took her to Top Golf, then to dinner, brought her flowers and ice cream and then took her horseback riding. Like seriously - WHERE DO GUYS LIKE THIS EVEN EXIST? 

But did this girl appreciate the oh-so perfect romantic date? Nope. She hardcore friend-zoned him when she posted about the whole date to her Instagram. Check it. 

"You out-did yourself on this FRIEND date Daniel!" Omg... I can't with this. And neither can the rest of the Internet. 

Don't worry, Daniel... we've got your back. 

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