Rape Survivor & Man Who Raped Her Team Up To Tell Their Story


It's difficult to watch a self-professed rapist take a stage and mic and tell a story of rape. However, this is one of the stories that you will want to watch from TED Talks. 

When Elva, the woman who was raped, was asked why she gave Stranger a voice in the enter matter, her response was "I understand those who are inclined to criticize me as someone who enabled a perpetrator to have a voice in this discussion," Elva says during a Q&A follow up on TEDBlog, "But I believe that a lot can be learned by listening to those who have been a part of the problem - if they're willing to become a part of the solution - about what ideas and attitudes drove their violent actions, so we can work on uprooting them effectively."

Watch their full TED Talk below to see their story. 

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