2017's Best & Worst States For Singles, Where Does TN Rank?

While your personality, looks and employment status all weigh heavily on your dating life, your odds of finding a romantic partner can actually depend on your location. And some places are easier than others. 

Wallet Hub took the states cost of living, local attractions, proportion of single adults and 23 total key indicators into account when they calculated the best and worst states for singles to date. 

The top ten best states to date in were:

1. Washington

2. Colorado

3. California

4. Montana

5. South Dakota

6. Texas

7. Hawaii

8. Nevada

9. District of Columbia

10. Florida

But where did good ole Tennessee rank in the list? In the last 10... yes, the last 10. 

The top worst states to date in were:

40. Delaware

41. Louisiana

42. Maryland

43. Tenessee

44. South Carolina

45. New Mexico

46. Kentucky

47. Alaska

48. West Virgina

49. Arkansas

50. Alabama

51. Mississippi

While we're going to sulk in our sadness, you can read more about the findings on Wallet Hub. 

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