Ex Sends Apology Letter, Guy Grades it Then Sends it Back

It's the story of all couples who break up. The girl messed up, guy breaks up with girl, and girl wants guy back. This is the storyline of almost all breakups one way or another. 

So in her eyes, writing an entirely long apology letter would up her chances of getting her ex, Nick, back. It was her last-ditch effort. And it didn't work. 

It didn't work so much so that Nick took the letter, graded it... IN RED INK... then sent it back to her. 

He literally red through this entirely (too long) letter and criticized her on each and every word possible. And not just in a guy being mad kind of way... more like a guy being really mad/really really smart kind of way. 

One example:

His ex wrote, “I never cheated on you,”

He marked it with, "Strong statement. No supporting details to support your hypothesis."

In the end, Nick believed a D- is what she deserved, scoring 61 out of 100. 

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