Our Side Chick Stories Winner's Story is All Kinds Of Awkward

Our Side Chick Stories contest over Valentine's Day has wrapped up and we have our winner! Tim won the Florida trip, see his epic story below:

I was a side dude in the worst type of way......NOT KNOWING! A few years ago I started dating a close friend. I should've known by the way we started dating that it would be trouble. 

One night she was leaving the boys dorm crying and I go to comfort her. By the end of the night, she ends up lying on my shoulder saying we should be together......and I agreed. Couple of months later, she's pregnant. I'm telling my friends, thinking about names.  At that time I was a commuter and didn't know too much what she was doing when I was gone. I come up there on one of my off days and she booed up with a football player in the cafe! So I end it with her but we stay in contact because of the baby. My cousin overhears her saying the baby was never mine and she had been dating the football guy the entire time. So I was a side dude and almost a side daddy.

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