Paid Puppy Leave Is Now A Thing For One Company

Getting a pet is a milestone for a lot of people just like having a baby, getting married or finding your career. It's one of those life choices that we get really excited to make as we get older. 

And as most furry animal owners know, it can be extremely difficult having a new puppy. They're a lot like a newborn needing 24-hour attention. 

From snuggles to walks to eating every 2 hours, getting woken up by their fur baby at any hour of the night, it can really be a lot of work. And a company called BrewDog recognizes that. 

The craft beer company just introduced Puppy Parental Leave, a policy that allows its employees to take paid leave to get their new dog settled in. 

Not only that, the company allows you to bring your beloved pup to the office with the other 50-some dogs that have become office regulars in BrewDog's man Aberdeenshire office. 

So props to you BrewDog, for setting the standard for all puppy parents!

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