How Much Do You Actually Win On 'Wheel Of Fortune'?

How cool would it be to go on a game show and win all those cool prizes and money?

Turns out you don't get all that money! 

For Matt McMahan, he got to actually spin the wheel. In order to nab a spot on the show, the New Yorker had to submit a introductory video, then make it through a test round where potential contestants had to solve 15 out of 25 puzzles in a set time. McMahan managed to get through both levels of practice and was given $1-thousand to fly out to California for the show taping. 

McMahan, a teacher, says his trip lined up with his summer vacation, so he got in plenty of  practice...and it paid off. After meeting the "very nice" Pat Sajak and "lovely" Vanna White, McMahan won $31,700 in cash and prizes: $16,400 in cash and two vacations valued at $15,300- a trip to Chile and a cruise down the Danube River.

Unfortunately for all game show winners, there are strings attached to winning. Prizes are taxed like regular income so all in all, McMahan figures he'll walk away with $16,400 and his two trips. 

Source: MarketWatch

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