Local High School's Rally Around Teen Battling Cancer

When it comes to high school sports in small towns, their rivalry between the schools in that town is the biggest thing. Football, Basketball, you name it the games are always packed.

The big rivalry in White House is White house and White House Heritage. Everytime they play each other you can guarantee that that place will be packed! One night though they put the rivalry aside and came together for one student.

It was the game of the year: White House High vs. White House Heritage.

But the crowd was filled with yellow Tuesday, for a battle both sides have fought off the court. They were all there honoring a fellow student who lost her battle with Cancer.

Mary Keith played softball there in white house and five years ago was diagnosed with cancer but she beat it! Now five years later, the cancer had returned.

Unfortunately Mary lost her battle with cancer. Local business owner Donnie Eden came up with the best way possible to honor Mary

“To promote the ball game coming up this Tuesday night, not gonna wear red, not gonna wear blue…All we’re gonna do is wear yellow to support our community team Mary Keith,” explained Eden in a Facebook video shared around town.

Source WKRN

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