The Best BBQ Trail to Take In Tennessee

Every single resident who lives in Tennessee will argue that TN is best known for the amazing BBQ, or just the south in general is where you will find the greatest BBQ joints. BUT... since we ultimately think Tennessee is the best, we found a mouthwatering BBQ trail that is absolutely to die for thanks to Only In Your State!

This means packing up your family and starting in Memphis at Central BBQ!

Then you'll find your way to Lexington at Scott's Parkers Barbecue.

Continuing on to the quaint Family BBQ in Dickson.

Come back through Nashville for some Hog Heaven!

Then head on down to Harrison where you'll find JC's Family BBQ.

And onto to Knoxville we go to end our trip for some Love That BBQ.

Know of any that we missed? Think we should add? Send them to us! See more on Only In Your State.

Photo via Getty Images, Google Maps.

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