The Color of Your Car Says A Lot About You

A survey released by This Is Money via motor retailer JCT600 says the color of your car says a lot about your personality. 

They surveyed 1,000 motorists from the UK to find out why people chose a certain color of car. They measured how this affects their behavior on the road and how they perceive other people based on their car color. 

In the survey, the favorite color of car was:

20% Black

17% Blue

11% Red

9% Silver

7% White

Also according to the survey, the drivers that are more attractive based on their car colors are:

22% Black

21% Red

21% Silver

20% Blue

19% White

23% Brown

21% tan

18% Orange

16% Yellow

16% Pink

Another solid statistic from the survey is the drivers that are happier:

To see more of the survey, check out This Is Money.

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