Dale Hollow Reservoir - Photo Shows "Town That Drowned" in Lake

The Dale Hollow Reservoir is a place known to most Tennesseans. It's situated at the Kentucky/Tennessee border formed by damming of the Obey River. 

While the area is full of beautiful wildlife, things to do and a family atmosphere, there is one area of the reservoir that is unlike any of the rest. An old school situated at the bottom of Dale Hollow lake. 

A photo of the old school house foundation visible from above was posted to the lake's Facebook page. 

Otherwise known as "the town that drowned," it can be seen through pristine water when the lake elevation is low showing the only remaining old school house foundation.

Thanks to Craig Sutton, a retired employee of Trooper Island at Dale Hollow Lake who took the photo on November 5th, 2008 and provided it to the Corps of Engineers.

Read more about the story on the Nashville District: US Army Corps of Engineers District Digest.

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