Pregnant Woman Facebook Lives Like April The Giraffe + It's HILARIOUS

The world has been captivated over the last week as they have patiently waited for April the giraffe to give birth. There have been hundreds of live feeds saying "only a few minutes until birth"...only to have the world watching and waiting for hours on end. 

As of right now, April the giraffe has still not given birth...

Many have joked on social media about why the world would actually dedicate this much time to waiting for the birth of a giraffe. After all, you don't watch live streams of pregnant mothers hours before birth so why is the world so intrigued by April the giraffe giving birth? 

One pregnant mother finally made the joke a reality. She set up a Facebook live in her bedroom, put on a giraffe mask and walked around for minutes, just as April the giraffe has done. And what started as a joke, has quickly turned into a viral sensation. Her Facebook Live has been viewed more than 9 MILLION times!

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