20 Micro Homes Planned For Homeless in Nashville

Open Table Nashville, a non-profit group, is leading efforts to provide "dignified, loving and hospitable transitional housing community for our neighbors experiencing homelessness in Nashville." 

Essentially the organization is hoping to provide 'tent cities' that act as affordable and accessible housing for those that are homeless. Neil Donovan, National Coalition for the Homeless stated, 

"The idea of someone living in a tent in this country says little about the decisions made by those who dwell within and so much more about our nation's inability to adequately respond to those in need." 

There are over 4,000 individuals that experience homelessness in Nashville. Every night, traditional shelters like Nashville Rescue Mission and other housing facilities are only able to accommodate 1,700 individuals. That leaves the rest of them to the streets, underpasses and other areas of the city. 

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