Red Bull's Flugtag Competition Returns to Nashville

Has it really been 10 years since we last saw the Red Bull Fulgtag competition in Nashville? That day was extremely hot and miserable but watching all those contraptions flying off the platform was really cool watching.

As reported today Red Bull is bringing back the competition to riverfront on September 23. Wonder what Flugtag means? It means "Flying Day" in German. According to The Tennesseean, 80,000 people showed up the last time it was in Nashville. At that time, it was the largest crowd for a Flugtag event in America.!

Wanna sign up? Applying to participate is free, but pilots must be 18 years or older to enter. The application process closes on June 2, when 40 teams will be selected to participate to see who can fly their homemade craft.

If you've never seen what Flugtag looks like, you can check out the video below

Get more information on how to sign up click the link below

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