Juggling To Prove Sobriety to Police

There's probably been a time or two that you've been pulled over by the police. Sometimes it's for the little things, running a stop sign, speeding, or not wearing a seat belt. 

Blayk Puckett was driving home from the library on campus late Friday night. He said he was driving slow because he knew he had a brake light out. Even though he was driving slow to avoide being pulled over, he still managed to get pulled over.  The officer thought that Blayk could've been drunk because it was late at night and he was driving really slow and usually that's a sign of impaired driving.

So the officers approached Blayk's car and asked him to step out of the vehicle, to show him his tail light was out and take a sobriety test. The cops did find out he wasn't impaired and Blayk bust out some serious juggling skills to prove the cops. 

Lucky for us, it was all caught on camera! Have you ever gotten out of a ticket because of your skills?   

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