The Highest Paying Jobs In America Is...

Working at a job that you love is very important for most people. For some though working at a job the most important thing is the salary!

Glassdoor did a survey asking people what they consider about a job they want to work at. The survey revealed that 68% said that salary and compensation is one the biggest considerations when applying for a job. 

Glassdoor then took the feedback from the survey and have now came out with what jobs are the highest paying jobs in America and well, here's the top ten

  1. Physician - Median Base Salary: $187,876
  2. Pharmacy Manager - $149,064
  3. Patent Lawyer - $139,273
  4. Medical Science Liaison - $132,842
  5. Pharmacist - $125,847
  6. Enterprise Architect - $112,560
  7. Physician Assistant - $112,529
  8. Applications Development Manager - $112,045
  9. R&D Manger - $111,905
  10. Corporate Controller - $110,855

(click here for all 25)

Source: Glassdoor

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