Local Law Firm Study Finds Most Dangerous Intersections in Nashville

We all know that Nashville traffic is getting worse by the day with more people moving to our beloved Music City. With more traffic, comes more potential for accidents. Local Law Firm Larry R. Williams, PLLC teamed up with a data analysis group to find the most dangerous intersections in the greater Nashville area. 

Looking at over 37,000 collision records from year 2015, they found 61 high risk intersections with a lot of the most dangerous occurring in Antioch. 

The top ten intersections are:

  1. Antioch - Hickory Hollow Pkwy & Mt View Rd
  2. Antioch - Bridgestone Pkwy & Heil Quaker Blvd
  3. Antioch - Bell Rd & Murfreesboro Pike
  4. Antioch - Hamilton Church Rd & Murfreesboro Pike
  5. Nashville - 28th Ave & Jefferson St
  6. Nashville - Harding Pl & Sidco Dr
  7.  Antioch - Crossings Blvd & Mt View Rd 
  8. Nashville - 8th Ave & Lafayette St
  9. Antioch - Bell Rd & Blue Hole Rd
  10. Antioch - Bell Rd & Cane Ridge Rd

Photo via LRW Law Firm

To see more of the study, check it out on www.lrwlawfirm.com

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