Toronto Bar Making Coasters Out Of Cars That Never Made It Home

A coaster can say a thousand words... if you want it to. A Toronto Bar, The Emmet Ray is doing it's part to help stop their patrons from drinking and driving. 

Emmet Ray teamed up with Arrive Alive, an organization that raises awareness of the risks of impaired driving, to bring their guests coasters made out of the cars that never made it home. 

You'll see below the coasters that read "This Coaster Used To Be A Car." 

Arrive Alive Program Director Michael Stewart told Global News that the coasters are making people think twice. 

"People saw them and started having a conversation about how they got their license, how they behave behind the wheel," Stewart said. " People can hold it, experience it and have a conversation around it."

We love this campaign simply because it's working to bring all of our loved ones home alive and without being a danger to other citizens. 

See more on Global News. 

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