Woman Finds Teeth In Her Taco

It seems like everyone loves tacos. Tacos even have their own day called Taco Tuesday! 

Now here's where we might ruin tacos for you! A woman ordered some tacos and we aren't really sure where she ordered them but she ordered beef tacos. When she got her tacos she noticed something very gross inside that taco!

A closer look... 

Well of course she took the taco back to the owner of the taco stand and said ummmm there's teeth in my taco! The person in charge had this to say:

"We admit cow lips are not the most attractive food item and can resemble teeth. Unfortunately, it made its way into this customer's dish. Our products standards are high. We meticulously scan our product prior to packaging.

In this instance, an edible-but-unexpected part of the cow made its way into the packaging of our 100 percent Cheek Meat Barbacoa. We've spoken to the restaurant owner about his concerns. And we have reinforced our standards of excellence with our plant managers."

It's safe to say that we might not wanna eat tacos at this place for a while. 

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