People Are Using Black Toothpaste To Whiten Their Teeth

Forget everything you knew about teeth whiting, because there's a new trend and it actually works!

People are raving over black tooth paste. Now it isn't your normal crest toothpaste with a color change, its actually a tooth paste that has a secret ingredient: activated charcoal.

Once activated, the charcoal lifts and absorbs those stubborn tooth stains you get from everyday normal life (aka coffee and wine). After just using the new toothpaste for one week, teeth are noticeably whiter.

Before you jump in head first, you should keep in mind that charcoal toothpastes aren't evaluated by the American Dental Association. And the toothpaste will only work for stain-removing.

But, if you're like us and willing to try new things, here are a few charcoal toothpastes to check out! 

SOURCE: Women's Day

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