The World Record for RTs Could Be Broken For Free Chicken Nuggets

Photo via Getty Images.

You know the thirst is real when you go to Twitter hoping for a dream come true. No really, the thirst for chicken nuggets IS real. Especially with Wendy's nuggets. 

A man named Carter took to Twitter asking Wendy's what he needed to do to get a free year's supply of chicken nuggets. Most places wouldn't have acknowledged the simple tweet, but Wendy's did. A simple '18 million retweets' is all they said. 

Carter took that as the green light and went full force into his dreams. 

And now the Twitter-verse is banding together to help this amazingly awesome soul. 

So if you want to help a simple man, live his best life and year's worth of stuffing his face with nuggets... go RT his tweet up above. Good luck, Carter. You're doing this for all of us. 

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