11-Year-Old Gets His Wish Of Being A Weather Forecaster Granted

Year after year, Make-A-Wish Foundation continues to change terminally ill children's lives by granting their "wish". One 11-year-old recently got his wish granted, and is stealing our hearts. He didn't wish to become an entertainer or a police officer - he wanted to be the next Al Roker, and wow is he a good meteorologist!

Meet Rylan Mishura, an 11-year-old battling a rare, life-threatening genetic disorder. 

Ryland, is fascinated by the weather. He told Make-A-Wish he loves "predicting it — and the action of hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes." As a part of his wish, Ryland wanted to travel from his New Jersey home to to The Weather Channel station in Atlanta, Georgia and predict the weather live on TV. 

Make-A-Wish granted his wish, and Ryland made his meteorological debut on The Weather Channel!

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