Things You Didn't Know About Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day and to celebrate it we have found 10 things you didn't know about Earth Day. No you may know some of these already which means you really care about the Earth and the environment but if you didn't know some of these thing well you do now and you are on your way to making Earth a better place to live. 

Sen. Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin started the first official Earth Day back in 1970.

It has been said the reason why Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd is so more people could participate especially students because they were between spring break and finals.

Think we are the only ones that celebrate Earth Day? Turns out the Austria and Germany have peace bells that will ring on the spring equinox.

Here's you a stat that may blow your mind when you read it! Over 1 billion YES 1 BILLION people take part in Earth Day events. We actually have a bunch going on in and around Nashville which you can see a full list here >>

If you want to check out some more interesting facts about Earth Day, you can see some more here from U.S. News

Now you know some fun stuff about Earth Day, it's time to go out there and save the planet. While you're doing it, just remember Captain Planet will take pollution down to zero!

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