Nashville Native Helped Tip Off Police to Tad Cummins, Elizabeth Thomas

Tad Cummins, the TN teacher who kidnapped Elizabeth Thomas weeks back, was arrested yesterday with the safe rescue of Thomas. In an ironic twist, the man who tipped off police leading to the arrest in California was a Nashville native, Griffin Barry from Brentwood.

He is the caretaker of a forested California property holding at least two cabins where Cummins came looking for the Black Bear Ranch commune. After a problem at the commune with members being suspicious, Cummins and Thomas returned to Barry's property where Barry allowed them to stay for around 36 hours before he became suspicious.

Shortly after Barry called the police who found Thomas on the property & took him into custody, while also rescuing Thomas. 

Cummins could face 8 to 12 years on aggravated kidnapping charge, which carries a required minimum sentence of 10 years behind bars. 

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