An American Airlines Flight Attendant Almost Gets in a Fight With a Passenger

Passengers on a flight from San Francisco to Dallas got more than they bargained for on their flight. Apparently some sort of altercation had happened between a male flight attendant and a female passengers.

According to reports a woman had boarded the plane with her two kids in a stroller but it wasn't going to fit down the isle. The male flight attendant then took the stroller away from her.

When the flight attendant took away the stroller he somehow hit the woman in the face and almost took out her baby as well. We assume this was just an accident.

Of course when people saw woman crying that's when people started pulling out their phones to record. Then people started jumping in the flight attendants face and a passenger and the attendant almost got into a fight until the pilot broke it up.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think.

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