How To Help Cure Tennessee Seasonal Allergies

It's that time of year again, the seasons are changing and for those of us in Tennessee it means something different than just the leaves changing. It's not colorful or's seasonal allergies. 

For those of you like us that love the outdoors, this is the absolute WORST.  You head out on one short walk and are stuck with the sniffles and have to constantly tell your coworkers, "I'm not sick, it's allergies." Annoying right?

Well instead of just putting up with it this year, we have found you a few ways to help cure the dreaded Tennessee seasonal allergies.

Local honey

Consuming local honey can help you develop immunity to local pollen. It is very similar to the way in which allergy shots work. The key is ensuring that the honey is produced close to wear you live. Here's a few of our favorite local honeys! 

Bee Pollen

If honey cannot do the trick, try actual bee pollen.  This works very similar to the way consuming local honey does. Consuming the bee pollen in small doses and then gradually up the dosage and it will help you build up your immunity to pollen, the root of your seasonal allergies. Here is some of our favorite bee pollen!

Citrus Drinks

Not into honey or trying out bee pollen? Try a refreshing citrus drink! Vitamin C can provide relief some seasonal allergies by nourishing the immune system. Make your own at home using a recipe from, or head to one of these locations and get your drink on!

Have any home remedies that help cure seasonal allergies? Let us know!

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