Dog Saved Baby From An Abusive Babysitter

When Benjamin And Hope Jordan hired a babysitter... Over time, they noticed that their dog Killian, who they said is a very laid back and calm dog, had become more aggressive towards the babysitter.

He seemed very protective of their son whenever the babysitter walked into the house. The couple decided they would try to figure out why he was like that. They decided to placed a iPhone under the couch, and that’s when they discovered why Killian was so over protective.

Shocked and angered, they heard the babysitter screaming at the infant, often telling him to “shut up”, followed by slapping sounds and cries. The poor baby had to deal with this for 5-months. 

Thankfully they were able to find out what was going on and now that babysitter was arrested and charged with assault and battery.

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