City In Tennessee Was Never On The Map Until the 40's

There is a little town right outside of Nashville that had been labeled the "Secret City" which is now known as Oak Ridge. Pretty cool thing about Oak Ridge was that it was never listed on any map until 1946.

Oak Ridge City is the home of the Manhattan Project. Below is a quick video of the what the Manhattan Project was and quick facts about the "Secret City"

The reason behind the government picking Oak Ridge was because it was literally in the middle of no where. They had to build an entire city from the ground up. In a matter of 3 years the city went from 3,000 people to 75,000! Majority of the people working in the city were female.

It was like any other city at the time, they had a swimming pool, library and even 13 grocery stores. Most people that lived and worked there never left but most people didn't want to leave because they had everything there they needed. 

Fast forward to 2017 the city is thriving and now shows up on maps. Cool thing about this quiet little town is it's just a little drive outside of Nashville and you can still see some of the things there in town like. the old guard towers at the edge of the city they had up for looking out for intruders. They also have the nation's largest swimming pool you can swim at.

You can even take a tour of the old facilities including the old reactors. Coming up in June they have the Secret City Festival, that includes WWII reenactors and takes you back to the time when nobody in the world knew about Oak Ridge.

Photo Cred: Valerie Everett

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