You Can Drink 23 Hours A Day At These Nashville Bars

Picture yourself out downtown at night, you've got the night off and you are hanging out with friends. You lose track of time and then you hear those words "Last Call!" That pretty much means it's time to go home find you an uber or taxi especially if you've been drinking.

Well now there was a new bill that just passed that allows two bars downtown to serve you a drink from 4am until 3am the next day. To some people that seems like a crazy thing to do serving alcohol for that long but the people that are usually wanting to drink that early in the morning are the people that are working the overnight shifts. 

The two bars that are allowed to serve alcohol for 23 hours a day are The Diner Nashville in downtown and Scoreboard Bar & Grill on Music Valley Drive. 

Not to mention they also have some really nice views and open seating too!

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