Someone Threw A Skinned Duck On The Ice

Last night in Nashville was a very big game for our Nashville Predators! Of course they bring out all the big names for this! Keith Urban sang the National Anthem.

Marcus Mariota and The Offensive line of the Tennessee Titans showed up and they brought a guest with them.

Of course during the game everyone was on pins and needles after this happened.

Of course the Preds didn't let that effect them. They came back and beat the Ducks and then became the first team in 20 years to win 10 consecutive home playoff games! 

BUT, the most surprising thing of the night wasn't any of the Preds players skating on the ice or the Titans bringing out a catfish, this happened during the game. 

Yes, someone threw a skinned duck onto the ice! When something like this happens we have always wondered how someone sneaks these things in. Well now the person who threw the duck on the ice has come forward to admitting it. Turns out it was a math teacher from Hillwood High School and below you can see the evidence.  

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