Every Type Of Tourist You'll Inevitably Meet in Nashville

While it's very rare to find the unicorn (Nashville Native) in town, there are several people who have moved to the wonderful city. But NOTHING compares to the insane amount of tourism that is flooding the streets. We do love this tourism, as it helps our economy and growth, but some of these tourists... they're a special kind. 

So here's our list of the typical Nashville tourists you will inevitably meet.

The Bachelorette (Or Bachelor) Partiers

Apparently NashVegas is the new hotspot for the fling before the ring weekends and it includes lots of ridiculous outfits and karaoke singing. 

The "Got a Good Deal" Sports Fan

This one is likely from Chicago and will tell EVERYONE about how cheap his great seats are at Bridgestone compared to nosebleeds at Wrigley. Also - he will most likely be wearing the enemies jersey. 

The Passer Througher

We all have those friends that are just passing on through to their vacay destination. But come on now, haven't people realized Nashville IS the destination?! 

The Honky-Tonker

These ones. THESE ones. Yeah they're wearing the all out country gear expecting Nashville to be just like the Western movies. Also they're probably drunk on Broadway before the sun even rises. 

The Self-Proclaimed Foodie

Tourists who are all about the food, because of their Instagram game. They will likely be the ones waiting in the long lines at Pancake Pantry and Hattie B's, while you make your way to your fav dive spot without a line. Because if you live here - let's be honest - the best spots are the ones know one has figured out yet. 

The Old-School Country Music Loyalists

These fans are more into the classics on the walls of Legends than hearing new artists rock it out on The Stage. They want to spend their time talking about the greats, but don't you dare make them chose between Garth Brooks or Chris Gaines. 

The Young Country Music Loyalists

Ah, the time has come. CMA Music Fest is here and these ones are about to be swarming Broadway. They're the ones who look like they walked off the set of The Dukes of Hazard with glitter flare and rocking out to Taylor Swift's biggest hits. 

That One Person Who REALLY Likes The Show Nashville

This special person loves the show Nashville (Yes we do too) but that's the only thing he ACTUALLY knows about Nashville. Any and every thing he has seen on the show is the extent of his knowledge of our beautiful city. Will likely be one of the first in line at Bluebird Cafe. 

The College Touree

Ah, so excited. So young. So innocent. This one is here with her parents as she tries to get into Vandy, Lipscomb or Belmont. 

The Conventioneer 

Business or pleasure? Maybe a little bit of both? You can easily spot these with their suits and badges around their neck while splorin' Broadway after a long day of work ready for a beer. 

Thanks to The Thrillist for their spotlight on our tourist(s) attraction here in 615!

Any we missed? Hit us in the comments for some others!

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