10 Facts About Nashville They Didn't Teach You In School

Whether you are from Nashville, or have never even been to the state of Tennessee, odds are you learned a thing or two about Music City in school.  You learned about the legendary music row and all the artists who got their start right here in our great city, but what about the things they don't teach you in school?

Here's 10 facts that have gotten lost along the way, but Nashville should totally get credit for...

1. Nashville was the first city in the United States to receive a FM-broadcasting license. 

Nashville was home to the first FM station in 1941, W47NV.

(Naturally we think all students should be taught this fact 😉)

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2. The idea for a Seeing Eye Dog was created in Nashville.

Morris Frank read about dogs that were used to help lead blinded veterans and came up with the idea in 1927.  Two years later, The Seeing Eye was incorporated in Nashville.

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3. The Parthenon's Athena statue is the largest indoor statue in the western hemisphere.

You can find Athena showing off for "The Athens of the South" right here in Centennial Park!

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4. United Record Pressing opened in Nashville in 1949.

Music City would not be the same without a huge part of our history - vinyls! United Record Pressing is only one of four vinyl pressing companies that remain in the United States.

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5. The city of Nashville is a Christmas baby.

Nashville was founded on Christmas Eve, 1779. 🎄

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6. RCA Studio B has a string of Christmas lights that never get taken down.

We like Christmas lights year round, but RCA Studio B has a different reason for keeping a specific string of lights up - they were hung by Elvis himself and not taken down since.

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7. The first ever combination candy bar's home is in Nashville.

It is rumored that the "Goo" stands for "Grand Ole Opry"...

8. It is illegal to have a cheetah as a pet.

We'd like to meet the person that this rule had to be made for...

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9. Belle Meade Plantation was once home to a few world famous horses.

Do the names Seabiscuit and Iroquios ring a bell? Both of the horses were bred on the property.

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10. Dolly Parton's career started on Porter Wagoner's Show in Nashville.

We all know Dolly is from East Tennessee, but things took off for her right here in Nashville!

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Have any fun facts about Nashville that we missed on our list? Let us know and we will add them!

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