Tennessee Mom Who Gives Birth During Chemo Is Cancer Free

A young Tennessee mother is celebrating beating a rare form of breast cancer, just a little over a year after being diagnosed.

Shaunta Chamberlain from Knoxville, Tennessee was diagnosed in May 2016, when she was a newlywed and 21 weeks pregnant. 

Shaunta looked back on when she first heard the news.  She said, "I had a meltdown. Fell on the floor and cried. Bawled, fell apart for a little bit. Got up and said, ‘Let’s go figure out what we have to do.’”

She had a right mastectomy, three treatments of chemotherapy, and gave birth at 30 weeks when her doctors decided it was best for her and her baby.

“We were at the perfect time in my pregnancy for me to have surgery. It was at the lowest risk for him for me to be under anesthesia. We were at an appropriate time where I was able to get through three chemotherapy treatments before he was born. And we still were born, although early, at a time where he had a very high chance of survival,” Shaunta explained.

Her son, Maxwell Chamberlain, spent almost three months in the NICU.  He is now a happy and healthy baby. 

In December 2016, Shaunta learned she was cancer-free.  She gas one surgery ahead of her in August.


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