The Meaning Behind The Predators Name And Logo

Everyone knows the hashtag #StandWithUs and that Nashville is a hockey town, but do you know the meaning behind their name and logo?

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During an excavation in 1971, the bones of a saber-toothed tiger were discovered beneath a Nashville building.  When the hockey team was created in Nashville it was a no brainer that they would pick the tiger for a logo. 

The team's name came much later after choosing the logo.  After tossing around the names "The Fury" and "The Ice Tigers", they decided that they did not want to be tigers.  They wanted to be "The Predators" to encompass the all of the hungry species. 

Justin B. Bradford, the author of The Making of Smashville said, "They did all of the research to make sure it was a name that would stick...When you're coming up with a name like that you're going to want something that strikes a little fear to an opponent."

Its safe to say that the Predators have stuck. And does it strike fear with opponents? If you ask Robert Brown, snake expert at the Aquatic Critter, it should!

“They are the top of the food chain. They are predators of animals that feed on everything else, so it really doesn't get much higher than the rank of a predator,” said Brown. 

He commented on the snakes that he works closely with every day. WSMV noted that "the snakes he works with eat just about anything, even a penguin."

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