Things Tennesseans Have to Explain About Their State

No matter where you go downtown, chances are you'll be able to spot tourists. Sometimes when you talk to them about things around Nashville or they ask you questions about our great state, they might have that deer in the headlights look when you are answering their question. 

So we are here to help out and people who live here will agree with us on these things.

Nashville is not just known for "Country Music" We've got one hell of a hockey team here and, we've got booming businesses, in fact, a few BIG corporations have moved their businesses here to our lovely state!

Country Music Festival - Day 1

Also our state is home to some of the best alcohol in the WORLD! Tennessee is home for the WORLD FAMOUS Jack Daniels. Which by the way if you ever get the chance to go and take a tour, do it and make sure you stop by Mary Bobo's house to eat that some real good food right there! 

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We are also home of some of the best moonshine! If you get the chance to visit Gatlinburg, there are a few disterillies there and they even give samples! We have possibly the most well known moonshiner that is from Tennessee. 

Another funny thing that we have to explain to people is that we are not all a bunch of red neck hillbillies! Now we do get that label from time to time but we all don't live in the woods and go hunting for our food and we defiantly don't dress or look like this.

You know if it wasn't for us, you would have Mt. Dew so your welcome! 

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