5 Reasons You Don't Want To Miss This Nashville Beer Festival

Whether you are a Nashville native or just visiting, there is a lot to do - and a lot of Festivals. Now that it's officially summer, it's time for one of our all time favorite festivals...Music City Brewer's Festival! After all what's better than being able to have beers from over 40 local, regional, national, and imported breweries?!

5 Reasons Music City Brewer's Fest Is The Best Festival In Nashville

1. The view

Location, location, location! Music City Brewer's Festival is held at Walk of Fame Park and makes for the perfect view while drinking a cold beer and enjoying amazing food with your friends!

2. Puppies

Yes, puppies from the Nashville Humane Association will be there!

3. The food is AMAZING!

Not only is there plenty of good beer, there's lots of food vendors as well! 

4. Two words..LIVE MUSIC

The essential part of any festival in Nashville (or really anywhere)...live music!

5. The beer (seems like it) doesn't end!

At Music City Brewer's Festival the beer just keeps coming! With over 50 local, regional, and imported breweries it'll seem like the beer never ends!

If you're ready to experience the best festival in Nashville, meet us down at Music City Brewer's Fest on July 28th!

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