How To Keep Your Wine Glass Cold Without Ice

We all know how miserably hot it is during Nashville in the summer. There's nothing like sitting outside at night with your friends, opening up a bottle of wine, and having a night with friends. The only problem that you'll face drinking wine in the hot summer nights is keeping it cold!

You could put ice cubes in there but then eventually you'll have watered down wine and we all know that doesn't taste good at all! 

So what's the best way to keep your wine cold and not watered down?

First you're going to need to have some grapes in your house. Take the grapes and throw them into the freezer before all of your friends get there! These grapes are way better than ice cubes because they don't melt and won't water down your wine.

Once the grapes are frozen just drop a couple into your glass of wine and BOOM your wine will be chilled for a while! Best part about the grapes after you're done with that glass of wine? You've got a nice little snack waiting for you at the bottom of the glass!

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